Don’t Let Fear Grow Roots

I once had a boss tell me something that made a lot of sense to me, (go figure, right?) “the root of all anger is fear.” When he told me this, it completely blew my mind. This was at a point in my career when I was angry. Angry that things weren’t going the way I wanted them to. Angry that it looked like things might be getting out of hand. Angry that it looked like I might fail. So angry, simply because I was afraid I would do something that would cause harm to my family’s future.

I was angry because I was afraid. I was afraid because I didn’t want to let my family down. This brings me to when I got sick. I got angry again, I got angry because I was sick, I got angry because it meant that there was something that I couldn’t control. I got angry because things were getting out of hand. Angry, because my body might fail. So angry, simply because I was afraid I would not be around to see my daughter’s graduation, or her wedding, or her child…

I was angry.


I still get angry, but we can’t let that anger control us. Anger isn’t only an emotion, it’s also a health problem, or should I say can cause or be a root of health issues. Here’s just a short list of issues it can cause or increase:

  • headache
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • digestion problems

Does any of this sound familiar? If you are a vestibular patient these are already issues that we deal with on a daily basis, and if we get angry or express anger in unhealthy ways this will cause us even more anguish. Trust me, I know!

So, what can we do? Just swallow the emotions keep them locked up deep inside and hope for the best? Cause, you know, that’s health… right? 😉

Well, for normal functioning people, or on a good day, go exercise or go out for a walk around the block, just get out of the situation and blow off steam for a few. Think about the true source of the frustration, what are you are mad about… most likely, what are you scared of?

For me, it’s what am I afraid of losing. Am I afraid that I’m losing my independence? Am I afraid of losing someone’s approval? Am I afraid of losing someone’s respect? Whatever it may be, pinpoint it. Find that fear and talk to someone about it, your significant other, your parents, just someone who you trust with your feelings.

In the end, what ever you do to counter act your anger, don’t let it control you, take control of it. We have a society controlled by fear and hate, whether it’s about who we vote for, who we decide to love, how we dress, or how we worship. Our world is a big place, but its just too small for as much anger as we have toward each other as we have.

“Don’t let the sun go down on your anger…”

Ephesians 4:26

As I’ve always been told in a marriage, don’t go to bed angry, it will fester. And that is the truth. Take the time, energy, and love to talk to the people around you about what scares you and your anger will lessen. It may not be an immediate release, but the roots will start to recede.

What do you think? Do you think Fear is the root of anger? What are you angry about? What are you fearful of? Feel free to comment below.

Published by Chris

On April 11, 2019 during my drive home, my head began hurting worse than ever before. Thinking it was just a bad headache, with a bit of nausea I decided to sleep on it. The next morning started a journey that has changed my family’s future. I woke up with vertigo so bad, I was unable to get out of bad for the next 24 hours. Since then, I have been living with 24/7 dizziness. My family and I have decided to start a YouTube channel to chronicle our adventures on how we are living with daily dizziness, raise awareness of our vastly under served and hidden community and still have a fun exciting family life.

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