I Wish it were all in my Head!

Sometimes I wish it were all in my head, but really, if it were, would I be crippled and in bed all day? One of my diagnoses is PPPD (Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness) was once previously classified as a psychological disorder. It was also called PPV (Phobic Postural Vertigo) at that time, which sounds more psychologicalContinue reading “I Wish it were all in my Head!”

Why won’t the Doctors listen to me?

Do you ever feel like the doctors already know what’s wrong with you before they actually see you? I mean, really? They haven’t set one eye on you, but they are already convinced that they know what’s wrong. I’ve had a couple of doctors have preconceived notions about me before they actually hear any ofContinue reading “Why won’t the Doctors listen to me?”

Grief, Loss and Finding the New Normal

We’ve all experienced loss in our lives. Whether it was a close relative, a beloved family friend or even a family pet, we’ve all had to say good bye to someone or something we’ve all deeply loved at one point in our lives. I remember, when I was 9 years old having to say goodContinue reading “Grief, Loss and Finding the New Normal”